First of all, JustFizs is an online solution that allows your users to try on your t-shirt collection. Yes, you got it right, it’s a virtual fitting room.

JustFizs is specifically developed to meet small and medium t-shirt indie companies in a way that can take advantage of a technology currently available to few large apparel brands.

If you have an online store and you sell t-shirts keep reading, as the following information will be of your interest.

Higher product interaction

It’s a fact that buying apparel through Internet is complex process for users. They find themselves unable to know if that piece of garment really fits them, their style and morphology.

JustFizs online fitting solution allows the users to compare the t-shirt they want to buy (all sizes) to a t-shirt they already have at home. It’s a bi-dimensional comparison that highlights the differences between each t-shirt measurement (Front length, chest, shoulder, side seam, sleeve, sleeve cuff, and hem). This way, the user can choose the t-shirt that is closer to his personal taste.

Discover your t-shirt size while buying on internet

Above is a simulation of the t-shirt comparison. The user’s t-shirt is the yellow one while the store’s t-shirt (in different sizes) are the grey ones. As you can see, the user counts with a really accurate information to take the right decision.

Improve selling process

The first image represents the current selling process of your online store

shopping cart problem online t-shirt store JustFizs
Size inconsistency

We’re sure that you’re using the best t-shirt providers to differentiate your brand from your competitors. The “problem” is that they are doing the same thing too, so we find that there are thousand of t-shirt references on the market.

Different size charts

The only way a user has to find out which size to choose is through the size charts. As we’ve previously seen in our size chart comparison there is also a lack of standardization between online stores. At the end this is what happens when a user wants to buy a t-shirt from your online store:

1) He sees a t-shirt he would like to buy

2) As he doesn’t knows which size to choose, he must check the size chart

3) The size charts tells him some measurements

4) The user must leave the shopping process to search around his house the following: a measuring tape, and a t-shirt.

5) The user must measure the t-shirt

6) The user has to cross the measurements and decide which one to choose.

This process must be performed each time he wants to buy a t-shirt online.

If you pay attention, points 4 & 5 are completely disrupting the purchasing process as he has to perform activities away from the computer. Sizing is one of the greatest causes of shopping cart abandonment.


Not knowing what to expect

The user, let’s now call it customer, doesn’t know how the t-shirt really fits him until receiving the parcel at home. As a storeowner, you must be aware that your sale is not closed until the customer tries on the t-shirt at home. This is called “second sale” and it mostly affects online apparel stores as customers decides whether keep or not the t-shirt. There’re studies that indicate that 60 to 70 % of apparel returns are due sizing problems.

Lets now see what JustFizs can do for your online store

JustFizs t-shirt selling process improvement
Size inconsistency

It won’t represent any problem either for you or for your customers. You can focus on finding the best t-shirt providers and references that adapt to your brand’s style, while your users will be able to see if that style really suits them.

JustFizs button

The button activates the online fitting room. It will help your users to:

  • Find their t-shirt size accurately.
  • Perform the process in seconds.
  • No shopping process interruption (no need to leave the computer).

The selling process and user experience undergo through a huge improvement by using the application.

Happy customers 

Your users will know how the t-shirt fits them before placing the order, so they wont need to be worried about fit when receiving the parcel. Needless to say that returns will sink to a minimum.

Promote your brand online

What about gaining visibility and back links? You can now do it through JustFizs Storefront. It’s a platform that features all brands using JustFizs on their online store. You’ll be able to create your own profile page where to include some basic information about your t-shirt brand and as many product pages to cover your t-shirt collection.

JustFizs Storefront - promote your t-shirt brand

Each of the product pages count with a button that redirects the users to your online store, this way they can buy the t-shirt from you.

Great app for your online t-shirt store JustFizs