Size charts are the industry’s proposal for allowing Internet buyers the chance to find out the right t-shirt size to buy. Thanks to this charts users can have an overall idea when deciding which t-shirt size to choose.

The size charts can be found in the majority of online shops (I say majority because some of them don’t use them), through a link in the product page (which opens a popup) or a link in the footer (which takes you to another page in the same site).

Let´s now review the most common size charts available nowadays:

Basic size charts:

Basic t-shirt size chart JustFizs

These charts usually range from one to three measures. Their scope is to ease user’s decisional process as it removes the number of variables, so finding the right size should be easy. The pitfall is that these types of size charts do not truly reflect how each t-shirt size is due the limitation measurements. This can have a counter-productive effect on those looking forward for a t-shirt with a specific style or fit.

Complex size charts:

Complex t-shirt size chart JustFizs

These are charts that range from four to nine measures. These types of size charts describe in a thorough way the t-shirt dimensions, allowing users to check the specific measurements that matter them most. The issue is that this kind of size charts can discourage some customers, as they may think that they need to check all the measurements to take a decision.

Body shape size charts:

body shape size charts t-shirts JustFizs

These types of size charts require users to compare their body shape against the measurements on the table. Its logic is based on allocating a size for a range of body shapes. This approach should be right, but it has two big objections; any of us has different body morphology and a preferred style. In summary, by using these types of size charts you’re prescribing, as a brand, a size based on their body and not allowing them to decide based on their style.

The “usual suspects” type of size charts:

Usual suspects size chart type tshirts JustFizs

It’s a new kind of size chart and its gradually becoming featured in more and more t-shirt stores. Is an alternative to traditional size charts as the user can figure out which size to choose by recognizing himself in one of the persons exposed in the image. This type of chart allows the customer to figure out the size without measuring himself. The issues of this chart are two: 1) the cost and time required to create this type of chart as you need to make a photo shoot and set it up in order to feature it on the web. 2) The user may not recognize itself in any of the models featured in the picture, therefore he will not know which size to choose.

As you may noticed the problem is that the t-shirt industry hasn’t reached an agreement as how the size charts should be, and this can generate a set of inconveniences to you and to your customers.

From the customer’s point of view:

  • The t-shirt size charts are different from site to site – this creates misunderstanding among users, especially over less experienced at buying clothes online. The measures taken for a website are useless on other websites.
  • The user needs to take measures – Size charts interrupt the purchasing process. You’re telling the user to leave the computer, to start looking for a measuring tape and a t-shirt, and to take measures before continuing the purchase.
  • They really don’t know how the t-shirt fits them – therefore buying a t-shirt from you becomes an act of faith, as they don’t really know how it fits them until the parcel arrives to their place.

From the store’s point of view:

  • Low conversion rate – t-shirts are not standard products, this means that customers have to perform several tasks before placing the order (explained above). This process can discourage more than one customer.
  • T-shirt parcel returns – A returning parcel is a headache for you and for your customer. It’s a process in which your company’s reputation and profitability is at a stake.

Once to this point, you may think that this is a problem everyone is facing and you can live with it. Well it can be true, but I would like to present you JustFizs and show you what it can do for your online t-shirt shop.

JustFizs is an alternative to traditional measuring systems. It’s a button that allows your web visitors the chance to try on your t-shirts before placing the order. Here you´ve got an example:

It’s a new approach to improve user experience by removing all the problems associated to not having a fitting room like physical shops.

  • Online fitting solution

Your users, through the app, can make a comparison between their favourite t-shirt and the different sizes of the one they’re looking to buy.

The app simulates 2D images (simultaneously displays each t-shirt size you’re selling against the user’s t-shirt).

  • It’s a size chart standard

By using JustFizs you’re employing a measurement standard for your t-shirts. The app allows you to have just one type of size chart, and this makes your site look friendlier to the user.

  • The right size in few clicks

When a user tries the app for the first time, he’ll need to include their t-shirt measures. The second time, he will have his measures available meaning that he wont need to take measures again. Quite useful.

  • Increase user’s sense of assurance

The JustFizs solution replicates virtually your t-shirts in an accurately way. This information will support your prospect customers in order to make the right decision.

Let’s now see the purchasing process difference between a shop using size charts and another using JustFizs.

T-shirt size charts (vs JustFizs)

The benefits of using this app on your store:

  • It removes the “second sale” effect (it affects to all the garment online stores). It means that you won’t need to “sell” your product again when the customer has the chance to try on the t-shirt at home.
  • You will improve your selling process, as your prospect customers won’t need to leave their computer to start taking measures.
  • You’ll increase confidence among non-expert online clothing shoppers.

You can give a try to JustFizs without spending a dime.

Our free plan includes:

  • Install the online fitting room on 20 of your t-shirts.
  • Create your brand’s profile page inside the JustFizs Storefront.
  • Add your t-shirts into the Storefront (each of them backlinking to your store).

Regarding the set up, just mention that you could have JustFizs up and running in your store in less than an hour. The best part is that it doesn’t require any advance computer skills. You will find out tutorials that explain the all process at our blog.