2014 has being a year great year; we’ve learned a lot and worked really hard. We created an online fitting room for t-shirts from scratch. This gives us great satisfaction.

Looking back, we realize the way our decisions had affected the progression of our project. As a true fact, you get a different perspective of things.

One thing we wanted to improve for 2015 is our website. Our priorities were; improve the communication of our service, the user experience and give the page the slick look it deserves. We have worked side by side with the Factorius, which had accomplished a magnificent job. Their team is great at transforming concepts into reality. We hope you like it!

Our new Home

new online fitting room tshirts JustFizs

Our new page for brands selling t-shirts online

fitting solution for online t-shirt stores JustFizsIf you didn’t know us from before, you can see bellow how our website was in 2014

Old home page

JustFizs 2014 online fitting room website

Old Business page

Just Fizs 2014 virtual fitting room for t-shirt online stores

Old users page

buying t-shirt online, this is your app JustFizs