In order to install the online fitting room on your store you´ll be required to in include the measures of the t-shirt you´ve got on sale. As explained at How does the JustFizs online fitting room works you don’t need to take measures of every single t-shirts you´ve on sale as its enough to take the measures of the each size within a t-shirt pattern. Let´s now see how the t-shirts measures must be taken.

You will need 3-4 things:

  1. The t-shirts, from the smallest size to the largest. (same pattern).
  2. A measuring tape, otherwise a long ruler.
  3. A flat surface.
  4. Download the file to write on all the sizes (Optional – for convenience only)

Take t-shirt measurements for JustFizs online fitting room

Here are all the specific measurements you need to take.

  1. Shoulders: measure the distance between the two shoulder’s seams.
  2. Chest: take the measure where the chest seam joins with the sleeve.
  3. Bottom: Smooth out the t-shirt and measure from side to side.
  4. Total length: take the measure from one side of the neck hole to the bottom
  5. Under arm: measure from the chest/sleeve seam to the bottom
  6. Arm width: from the shoulder seam to the chest/sleeve seam. Do it in a straight line (do not follow the curve seam).
  7. Upper sleeve: from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.
  8. Sleeve width: from angle to angle
  9. Under sleeve: you will need to twist a bit the sleeve in order to put the seam in a straight line.

basic t-shirt measurements JustFizs

Here a video that explains how to take all the measures from above.

You can also download this table if you take measures manually on paper. The table shares the same order as the app.

t-shirt size table JustFizs