Installing the Javascript code is essential to display the JustFizs online fitting room in your Tictail site.

You´ll need to do this process one time only, then you´ll be able to manage the rest of the application from your dashboard.

I presume that you´ve done the previous steps of creating t-shirt patterns, so lets go to the point.

First, where to find the Javascript code in your JustFizs account: Click on your profile (1), then on code (2) and then copy the full code (3).

Edit Jumpseller html to add JustFizs app


Then let´s see how to modify Tictail’s theme to include the button.

Our product page is like this one bellow.

We would like to paste the JustFizs button between the product description and the size selection menu.

Tictail before adding JustFizs app


To do so, follow this simple steps:

First Step

a) Go to your Tictail administration panel and click on the settings icon.

Tictail dashboard step 1 edit theme JustFizs


b) Select the “store design”.

Tictail dashboard to add JustFizs javascript


Second Step

a) Click on any of your t-shirts. The scope is to head to any of your product pages.

Tictail edit theme to add JustFizs online fitting solution t-shirt


b) Now click on the “</>” symbol to modify the html of the product page.

Tictail edit html to add JustFizs app

Third Step

This is where we need to paste the Javascript code.

a) First of all search this term: “add to cart”.

You will need to insert the Javascript between these two:


{{! the #add_to_cart block is only rendered if the product is in stock}}

Tictail search addtocart to place javascript


b) (1) Paste the Javascript code (where to find it is explained at the beginning of this post) and (2) save the changes.

Tictail adding JustFizs javascript tshirt


From now on the JustFizs button is fully operative.

Reload your product page in a different tab and you will see that the button is in place.

Tictail tee online fitting room JustFizs


Your web visitors have now the chance to try on your tees online before placing the order. Congrats!!



You can also add a “call to action” to your button in order to increase web visitor awareness about the fact they can try on your t-shirt online. It is really simple, head back to the third step and add a phrase (Let´s add “Try on this t-shirt online ” as an example) and then save it.

Tictail call to action html JustFizs


After you´re done with the editing you see how your store now looks.

Tictail with JustFizs button and call to action t-shirt


That´s all! By following these steps you will be able to install the online fitting room in your Tictail ecommerce a matter of minutes. Your web visitors will be happy to try on your t-shirts online

Create now your JustFizs account and allow your web visitors to try on your tees online!