If you buy clothes online you may already noticed that there are many e-commerce that include the JustFizs button aside their t-shirts.

In case you weren’t aware of it, the button activates an online fitting room, which allows you to try on the t-shirts before placing the order.

Over this post I will explain the advantages of signing up for as a user.

As you will know, you can use the JustFizs app without being registered; you need to find a t-shirt you’d like, click on the JustFizs button, include your favourite t-shirt measurements and visualize how each size compares, therefore, you will have all the information to choose the right size.

By creating an account you’ll improve your user experience as we provide the tools for your convenience.

First of all, you must know that you won’t need to measure a t-shirt again, as you will be able to save your data in the cloud, meaning that you can have all your favourite t-shirt measurements available for next time you shop online.

Having an account will also give you the chance to try on t-shirts within seconds as the app works across brands. You just need to open the online fitting room and you´ll have your personal collection ready to compare. This way you can forget about the annoying size tables.

Download your favorite t-shirts from the online store

Another feature that comes with the user account is that you can download the t-shirt measures directly from the shop. Giving you the chance to enjoy a more accurate comparison when buying new t-shirts. This is how it goes; if you bought or own a t-shirt from a specific shop, you can open the popup and select the size you already have at home, then by clicking the download button you will get the all the measures of this specific t-shirt size directly to your wardrobe.

Linked to the point above, you can have your personal online wardrobe where to include all your t-shirt collection. You can add the t-shirts manually or directly through the popup. The wider the collection gets the easier for you will be to find the right style and fit next time.

There is another feature that we call it “bonus” as you can use it outside our app. You can use JustFizs as a memo where to store your t-shirt measurements. We say so in case you find a brand that doesn’t use the JustFizs app on their web. Having your measures in the cloud will become handy in the case you need to cross them with the size tables. Take into account that the measures that we use are based in a mix of many different size charts.

Sign up now for a user account and enjoy the new way of buying t-shirts online.