Not just T-shirts

Our online fitting solution has changed. JustFizs is not just a service  reserved for t-shirts. We just launched an update that allows apparel brands to enjoy the benefits of having an online fitting room that covers a broader range of clothes.

How is the new fitting room?

Wondering how the online fitting room works? We’ve created these two screenshots to solve all your doubts. Online fitting solution used by a first time user   Online fitting solution used by a registered user   You can install this fitting solution on your online store in a matter of minutes. Check our free plan: Cover up […]

New JustFizs website

2014 has being a year great year; we’ve learned a lot and worked really hard. We created an online fitting room for t-shirts from scratch. This gives us great satisfaction. Looking back, we realize the way our decisions had affected the progression of our project. As a true fact, you get a different perspective of […]

How to measure a t-shirt

In order to install the online fitting room on your store you´ll be required to in include the measures of the t-shirt you´ve got on sale. As explained at