We’re really excited to announce the release of a new version of our online fitting room.

What’s new? Well, a lot of things!

During this year we have received tons of feedback from shop owners and t-shirt buyers. In order to put together the best ideas we needed to come up with a completely new design. It has not being an easy task, but JustFizs is now more convenient than ever.

JustFizs is now featured in all the t-shirt shops that are currently using our online fitting solution, so next time you will try on a t-shirt you will encounter this:

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All action in a single screen. We’ve removed all the steps you needed to take to try on the t-shirts so now you can do everything in the same window. The left side of the window allows you to manage the t-shirt measurements, your wardrobe and your profile, while the left side is your fitting room. Now counts with an improved user experience; JustFizs is now really easy to use; any action you take will be reflected instantly in the app, so you can really see how the t-shirt fits you in a blink.

Smartphone friendly. We know that browsing is done more and more through smartphones, so we also thought about this kind of use. JustFizs is now fully operative in your smartphone. Design changes a bit to fit small screens but the concept and accuracy of our app is the same as desktop version.

Online fitting solution tshirts now smartphone JustFizs

Sign up through the app. If you usually buy t-shirts online you will already know how tiresome are the size charts, you end up measuring your favourite t-shirt thousand times to match each shop measurements. Well, now you can save your work done by directly creating an account at JustFizs. Your t-shirt measurements will be saved in your virtual wardrobe, and they will be ready every time you need them.

Manage your virtual wardrobe. You can now manage the t-shirts inside your wardrobe directly through the popup. Create new t-shirts, edit their measurements faster than ever and don’t loose focus of the t-shirt you want to buy.

Download the t-shirts in your wardrobe. Did you purchase a t-shirt that fits you like a glove? Click on the “Save t-shirt” icon and you will save all its measurements in your wardrobe. This feature comes in handy as you will have available the perfect t-shirt measurements in seconds. Ready for high accuracy comparison next time you go shopping?

Create a list of favourite t-shirts. Do you like a t-shirt but you don’t feel like buying it today for whatever reason? Don’t worry; you can now save all the t-shirts you like in your favourites, as next time you want to buy them you will find them.

virtual wardrobe compare tshirts online JustFizs

Help us to improve the next version. JustFizs 2.0 is just the next step towards the perfect online fitting room. We have zillion new ideas to implement in the incoming weeks-months. As our scope is to make your life easier when buying t-shirts online we would like to hear from you. Tell us what would you do to make JustFizs the perfect shopping assistant for you.