After deploying JustFizs virtual fitting solution on your t-shirt shop, you’ll see the button that activates the app on your product page.

Indicate prospect customers about online fitting room JustFizs

The online fitting room will increase your store conversion rate by:

  • Increasing the product interaction.
  • Removing sizing doubts.
  • Users spreading the word about your cool feature.

Now I’m going to tell you a little trick to increase even more the conversion rate of your online t-shirt store. It’s about adding a call to action (CTA) aside the JustFizs button.

Why do that? It’s well known fact across the fashion industry that a high percentage of prospect customers that go to the fitting rooms to try on the clothes buy more that the ones that doesn’t. It explains why you find clothes folders rather shops assistants at the brick & mortar apparel stores.

As you now count with JustFizs on your online store, you just need to raise customer attention and “tell them what to do next”. You must create a short but convincing sentence that motivates the user to try on the t-shirt and to spend more time on your website and therefore have more chances to make the sale.

Below you have the same website with a call to action:try on the tshirt online JustFizs call to action

This way your users will be aware about the possibility to try on the t-shirt. Adding a call to action is really simple, you just need to select the e-commerce platform you’re using on your site and you will see the explanation at the end of the tutorial.

Here are listed several examples of call to action text that can be added to the JustFizs button that is installed in your online store. This is a guide only, you can also come with you own personal call to action (you may find something more suitable that these examples). Experiment with different call to action to find which one give you better results.

Do you want to know its fit?

Do you want to know how it fits you?

Try on this t-shirt

Try on this t-shirt online

Try on this tee

Try on this tee online

Try it on before placing the order

Try on this t-shirt before placing the order

Want to find out your size?

Try on this t-shirt in seconds

Try on this t-shirt in just 2 clicks

Find out your size with our online fitting room

Not sure about your size?

Find out your size

Doubting about sizing?

Do you know which size to choose?

Find out your size in seconds

Not sure about S, M, L, XL? Remove your doubts

Don’t know which size to choose?

Check your size

Find out your size in seconds

Easy way to find out the right size